July 2014 Diversity Committee Report

Jeanne Steffen, PhD
Jeanne Steffen, PhD


Chair: Jeanne Steffen, Ph.D.

Members of Committee: Eric Chen, Ph.D.; Maria Riva, Ph.D.; Cheri Marmarosh, Ph.D.; Joe Miles, Ph.D.; Lee Gillis, Ph.D.; Brittany White, Ph.D.; Joel Miller, Ph.D.; and Jennilee Fuertes, Ph.D.


Brief Summary of Activities Undertaken:

January: Jeanne was informed of responsibilities of chair and began focusing on identifying which committee members would be returning.

February-March: The committee focused on recruiting new members. Scott Conkright and Allison Regis were not returning as committee members for 2014. We added members Brittany White, Joel Miller, and Jennilee Fuertes.

April: Chair worked with members to identify tasks for the term, which included:

1) Identify at least one new method to attract underrepresented members to the Division/Committee. Would we like to further operationalize this goal? Would anyone like to take this goal under their wing?

2) Create a formal process to engage people to nominate Diversity Award candidates. This is a major task of our committee and the Division would like us to select an award recipient by July 1. Would anyone like to take point on this goal?

3) Create diversity programming to help in diversity education for the division. We have an opportunity to have a conversation hour our other programming event at APA (Aug. 7-10 in Washington DC) this year. Would someone like to take the lead on creating a program? We need to move on this ASAP so that we can reserve a time for it. Our choices for a program/business meeting are: Thursday, Aug. 7 in the 8-5 block of time; Friday 12-1; Saturday 8-5. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend so Eric has agreed to run the business meeting portion for our committee.

April-Current: Members were asked to distribute the diversity award nomination invitations. The deadline to receive nominations was pushed back twice. The last deadline for nominations was 6/13/14.

Items Needing to be Discussed:
We have yet to receive a diversity award nomination for 2014. Not all Diversity Committee Members are responding to tasks/deadlines.

Items Needing Action:
Although the committee identified two methods of distributing the nomination information, we have yet to receive a diversity award nomination for 2014. The next action item is for the chair to check back in with the members regarding redistributing the information for a nomination. Since the second deadline was June 13, the chair will push back the deadline again with a goal of having a nomination by July 1, 2014.

Focus on our major goal of identifying diversity award nominations/ an award recipient