Group Psychologist Award

Robert Gleave, Ph.D., ABGP, CGP
Robert Gleave, Ph.D., ABGP, CGP

Division 49, The Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy, is now seeking nominations for the Arthur Teicher Group Psychologist of the Year Award. 

This award honors a distinguished group psychologist whose theory, research, or practice has made some important contributions to our knowledge of group behavior.

Nominations need to be received no later than April 30,2016.

Please send your nominations to Robert Gleave at


The nominee is expected to embody and model the ideals and mission of the Society through exemplary contributions in teaching, or research and scholarly activity, and service


  1. The Awards Committee will solicit nominations from the board, and the membership.
  2. Credentials to be submitted to the committee include letter(s) of nomination and support, and a vitae.
  3. The committee will review the materials, and make a recommendation to the board

Past Recipients

2015: Zipora Shechtman

2014:  Les Greene

2013:  Dennis Kivlighan

2012:  Sally Barlow

2011:  Arthur Horne

2010:  William Piper

2009:  Richard H Price

2008:  Richard Hackman

2007:  Philip Zimbardo

2006:  Gary Burlingame & Addie Fuhriman

2005:  Albert Ellis

2004:  Rex Stockton

2003:  No award given

2002:  No award given

2001:  Joe McGrath

2000:  George Gazda

1999:  Anne Alonso

1998:  Louis Ormont

1997:  Yvonne Agazarian

1996:  Donelson R. Forsyth

1995:  Herbert Kelman

1994:  Saul Scheidlinger

1993:  Robert Dies

1992:  Henriette Glatzer

Please distribute this announcement to your membership, if you are willing.